ASP.NET v2.0.50727 missing in Web Services Extensions in IIS Manager

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If you are installing SharePoint and you bump into the issue that ASP Net v2.0 is not in the Web Server Extensions, then you could do a research and find out that you installed a newer version of the framework, namely SP1.

According to Microsoft, you need to uninstall SP1, install .Net 2.0 and then move from there:

Sounds a bit dumb

But don’t worry, go to
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727> or C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727> for 64 bit

Type aspnet_regiis.exe –i

A lot easier!

Our super accessible train

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I think the train is wonderful, but for accessibility it gets a -10000

I didn’t notice, but the platform is almost 3 feet above the ground. I don’t think that is nice for older people or with limitations!

Update: today I looked to the left.  There is a ramp!!!!!!!!!

Taking a train in Costa Rica

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I took the train today thanks to the vehicular restriction I have on Thursdays. To my surprise, it works pretty good! Less than $1 and extremely fast compared to other methods of transportation.

Of course there is always something bad, you can get robbed, shot, or in the best case wet!

Is quitting a company just like ending a relationship?

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I recently quit my job, actually two weeks ago. Basically differences with my partner.

My question is the following, after I quit the company should I stop all communication with the people I used to work with?
It’s kind of hard given that I pretty much interviewed and hired each one of them. Also, they are a great group and have a lot of skills and potential.

But, it all comes to the say question…is good bye final? At least for now?

Getting married

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Well, as some of my friends already know, I am getting married July 11th!!!!!

I created a little counter for my girlfriend so that she can open and find out how long before we get married hehehehe.  It’s in

Nothing fancy, just something a geek would do for a girl.  I really love her (yes yes “aww so cute”).  But it is true.  Sometimes you would do anything for someone you love.

Big step.  Completely decided on doing it.  I really hope it works.  She is quite a chick, let’s see if I can live up to her expectations.

Yet another blog…

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Yeah I know, I know…another geek blog.  Does the world really need another one?  Well, maybe it doesn’t but in any case here’s my blog.

In it I will describe my experiences working with several top of the line Microsoft technologies.  Why do I get to play with everything new that pops out of MS’ oven?  Well, just to give you a little bit of a background regarding me, I have worked as a Microsoft vendor (v- for those of you who are familiar with the inner workings of Corp) since 2003 in 3 different companies working with a lot of .NET, SharePoint, Office, CRM, TFS, Visual Studio and a lot of other things.

So, I plan to talk about some of the beauties and not so nice experiences I’ve had with them.  Hope any of my entries help you save some time.

Well, enjoy….

Troubleshoot SharePoint Unexpected Error

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Have you ever been shocked by the fact that SharePoint is sometimes does not show a very friendly error?  Let’s say you are doing a deployment or modifying a piece of your code and in your face you get an “Unexpected error”?  Well my friend, you are not alone.   (To me, this error reminds me of the infamous catastrophic fauilure found in earlier VB which used to be my favorite runtime error)

But don’t dispair, the unexpected error can be worked around given the possibility that you have access to the site’s web config.

What you need to do is go into the web config and into the SharePoint > SafeMode tag just edit the CallStack attribute and set it to true.  Also you need to set the CustomErrors tag to off. 

Just like magic! Your error comes up and you can understand the exception.

However, be polite and return it to false when done.  And oh yes, don’t do this in production servers.  It is bad manners.  Do it in INT, Testing or PreProd environments.

Customize the Windows Vista Send To Menu

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One thing I like is to keep things simple and efficient.  Something else I really like is having tons of pictures on my walls.  So every once in a while I send a few to print in snapfish.

The easiest way to send pictures to a folder that I will print is customizing the Send To menu in Vista.  In XP and pre vista it was as easy as going into the windows folder and looking for the menu, adding a shortcut in the send to and presto, it worked.

However in Vista I couldn’t…until I found that it is the same procedure but in a different location.  So, if you need to add a location in the Send To for Vista just go to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo.  This folder is usually located in C:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming. 

You should now see a bunch of shortcuts.  Just right click, create a new shortcut and that’s it.  Just make sure that you create a shortcut to a folder that actually exists….  (I know it sounds dumb but you would be impressed at how many times I’ve seen it)

Did my Iphone get depressed?

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First of all, I like my Iphone above all my other silicon-based toys.  I think there are a lot of improvements that can be made software wise.  Some of them have been covered with new updates, however mine is still in 1.1.2 because of obvious reasons (I live in Costa Rica).

However, there is one thing that really annoys me about the IPhone and that is how soft the speaker sounds.  Any decent Nokia or Motorola can be used to play some music and enjoy at least with your better half.  The Iphone however when I am driving my car that doesn’t have a radio, I literally have to put it inside my shirt in my shoulder to be able to hear it.

On the other hand, it vibrates really really hard.  The other day I was taking a shower and the alarm went off.  I couldn’t hear the phone, but surprisingly I could hear the phone vibrating on my desk.  Then it happened….

CLONK!!!!!!  The Iphone vibrated so hard that it started to hover and fell hard to the ground.  Just feet and a half.  But it landed hard.

Now I lose my signal sometimes…. Did my IPhone get depressed and tried to finish his existence…. Is he jealous that I will replace him with a 3g?

Well, let’s see how long it lasts but it looks like it’s the beggining of the end for my best electronic friend!

American Airlines, and “developing countries”…

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Did I fall asleep and time went by in reverse?????

That’s what I felt yesterday (for the second time actually) when I bought a ticket at and then had to go to the American Airlines main office in Costa Rica to show my credit card (YES! Literally show it to a really attitude prone girl) so that she can marka checkbox that will allow the person that I bought the ticket for to travel.

This was not like this before.  I remember buying several tickets for a lot of people (actually because of work purposes) and I never had to go “show” my credit card.

I really think that if you buy something online, it should stay online.  If it will continue to be this way, then I’d just rather not buy tickets online….or maybe use Expedia.

I don’t know, for you to decide….