How to Install TeamViewer on CentOS (useful on Cloudera QuickStart VM)

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The other day I needed to finish a task I had in one of my servers and needed to remote into one of my Cloudera QuickStart VMs to run a test while on a trip. So I installed TeamViewer to access it. Steps are simple:

# Click on Download TeamViewer link for RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE to get the rpm package from the downloads page

Open terminal and go to downloads directory

sudo yum localinstall teamviewer_12.0.71510.i686.rpm

And then start with


Tip of the Day: Disable Screen Blanking in Linux CentOS while Installing Cloudera CDH

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Something that really annoys me, especially when connecting remotely is how the terminal blanks when installing Cloudera Manager in Linx CentOS

Well, there is a very simple fix, simply run the following command and the terminal will not go black

sudo setterm -blank 0