Next Conference: Pluralsight LIVE 2018

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And so it is time to get ready to my next conference, Pluralsight Live which will take place in August 28-30 in Salt Lake City. I will be presenting on how to deploy Cloudera clusters on Microsoft Azure. Hope to see you there!

Use discount code 3061 to register at


How to Install TeamViewer on CentOS (useful on Cloudera QuickStart VM)

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The other day I needed to finish a task I had in one of my servers and needed to remote into one of my Cloudera QuickStart VMs to run a test while on a trip. So I installed TeamViewer to access it. Steps are simple:

# Click on Download TeamViewer link for RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE to get the rpm package from the downloads page

Open terminal and go to downloads directory

sudo yum localinstall teamviewer_12.0.71510.i686.rpm

And then start with


Tip of the Day: Disable Screen Blanking in Linux CentOS while Installing Cloudera CDH

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Something that really annoys me, especially when connecting remotely is how the terminal blanks when installing Cloudera Manager in Linx CentOS

Well, there is a very simple fix, simply run the following command and the terminal will not go black

sudo setterm -blank 0