The Pluralsight life: course and guest blog post the same day!

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Getting Started with Enterprise Search Using Apache Solr

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Enterprise search used to be not for the faint of heart or with a thin wallet. However, since the introduction of Apache Solr the name of the game has changed. Solr brings high quality enterprise search to the masses. Don’t leave home without it!

And let me help you get started! My intention is to create a series of posts where I can help you get started with Solr. This process can be easy if tackled with the appropriate resources, but it can be daunting if you chose the wrong ones.

I will start by describing what each module of my training covers, click on the bullet to be taken directly to the post.

  • Why Solr & Enterprise Search?
  • Architecture of an Enterprise Search Application
  • Solr Configuration
  • Content: Schemas, Documents and Indexing
  • Searching & Relevance
  • Making it all Work: Put a UI on It!
  • Final Words

My course is available in Pluralsight: Getting Started with Enterprise Search using Apache Sol. You can watch it here:

Solr training in Pluralsight


Speaker at the Atlassian 2014 Summit

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Happy is a good way of describing it. However it goes beyond that. I am grateful that I have been chosen as a speaker in Atlassian’s 2014 Summit!

If you are reading this before the conference you can find me here: Atlassian Summit 2014

Take a quick look:



All these years working hard with Agile and Jira pay off!

Silicon Valley, here I go!