Problem with geeks deciding on user experience

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I got this today from Skype (which of course is from Microsoft because its the way they think). I hate it. Why? Because a geek in Redmond decided that it was a brilliant idea to mine as many contacts as possible from a user’s inbox and then add them on Skype! Brilliant, right?


Problem: in an inbox I don’t only have friends. I have co workers and people I don’t really like. Let me add my friends one at a time, choosing who to add and who not to add. Don’t force me.


PS: It is a very common practice across the board, but one I loathe.

Mis land rovers

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Algunas de mis fotos preferidas de Land Rover

Installing Mac OS X Mavericks vs Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Steps to update Mac OS X Mavericks
– Open App Store in your Mac, type in Mavericks, click install and enter your credentials.
– Wait for the download, machine reboots and you are done!

Excellent user experience, done in a few minutes and just wait a bit for the download and install. Kudos to Apple.

Steps to update from Windows 8 to 8.1
– Google how to update, read the instructions
– Find out you need to do the updates (to Maps, Skydrive, …) before actually installing
– Read in the article that when you open the Store there will be a huge billboard telling you to update
– Open the Windows Store and find NOTHING
– Search for “8.1” and the only thing you get is all kinds of “My app for 8.1”
– Google again to see what the hell is going on
– Finding this article:
– Getting upset because Microsoft still does not get it that people want a simple user experience

I hate updating Win 8.1

I hate updating Win 8.1