Unfinished projects and I never finish anyth….

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An image is worth 1000 words…


Well, it is not actually true. I do finish some of my personal projects here and there. However this post has been in my drafts for over 2 months!

UX Some love to the uninstall screen

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Granted that:
– Deadlines are usually very tight in software
– No one likes the idea of their software being uninstalled
– It is 2007 or 2008
– But doesn’t the Microsoft SQL Server team have someone that can spend 5 minutes making the uninstall screen look a tiny bit better?


UX Terms of Agreement and the devil is in the details

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No one reads the terms of agreement… ever… I think. But in any case, how hard is it to provide the user with a decently sized reading area? And one last thing… who still uses dial up?


Mass email marketing – If you do it, put some real effort on it!

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I received this today. They didn’t even bother to get the name or names of my applications. This shouts “mass email marketing we don’t care about you, just buy something from us!”

And didn’t Apple Dev Portal just got hacked last Thursday? Did they get my info from there?


Selective pricing in Expedia

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For those who check prices in Expedia, make sure you log in from a location that is not too expensive. This is from the same computer, same dates, at the same time but from two different IPs, one in Europe and one in the US. Almost three times more expensive!

Or if you want to vacation and you live in Europe (or UK), look for a local destination or ask a friend from another less expensive location to pay for your hotel!


Windows 8 Folders

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Dear Microsoft,

With Windows 8 I believe you tried to get a one size fits all product out too fast. There are things that instead of enhancing user experience, they degrade it.

One example is the Start screen. As you can see there is a bunch of crap that I don’t (nor will ever) use. Please bring in the capability to add folders.

This would have been prevented if you learned from experience. The only thing you needed is one of the people that worked in the design team to be an iPhone user. Remember how the initial versions of iPhone did not have folders and they later added this functionality? Well, just do the same.


Sometimes Frustrated User

How I like to provide feedback – Fitbit vs Microsoft

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Have you ever taken one of those surveys that Microsoft presents you from time to time? Who comes up with these surveys?!1?!1?!1?! (one oneado for those who understand!)

If you take a survey from MS it is something like this:

“The following survey consists of 12325 questions that all look the same, it will take you about 3 hours and we are not so sure we will take your response too seriously, we will just average it with the rest. Thanks for all the fish!”

I know that asking a bazillion 1 to 10 questions makes the survey easier to grade and come up with averages and all sorts of charts, complexity all around which makes these people feel important. But it forgets the most important thing, the customer.

When you have a survey, focus on the customer and leave it an open response with perhaps just a few options. Let your customer tell you their experience and either you or hire people to analyze the response and file them accordingly.

I just took Fitbit’s support survey and loved it. Simple, focus on the customer, open answer. Let your customer provide you with the info you need and do the hard work on your end! You will get more of what you need.


Also Kudos to Fitbit on their support, it was great and so its their product.