How to view Recent Worklogs in Jira

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IMHO Jira is the best bug tracking system all around. It is very user friendly, it is extremely extensible, there are tons of add ons to customize to your needs and GreenHopper brings Agile to Jira. There are many other things worth looking for, but the one great feature where I needed some help was in the worklogs.

Basically when you have a task assigned to a developer, you would like to be able to know what kind of effort/time went into completing it. Well, there is one flaw with this plan and that is that developers need to be very disciplined into entering their hours daily.

Also, they need to make sure that they did not leave any tasks out. So for me the easiest way to make sure that a dev did fill in all of their hours properly was by adding the “Recent Worklogs” add on to their tasks dashboard.

Click here to get the add on

Check it out:

quantum recent worklogs jira add on

Now devs do not have any excuse of forgetting to fill in their work logs. They can see this dashboard and immediately know which day they left out.