Colapso la General Cañas?

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La noticia del mes es como colapso el puente de la pista al aeropuerto, de como paso una grua de 84 toneladas por encima de un puente de 40 (vendido por una empresa britanica que fue culpada de sobornar politicos en muchos paises) por un conductor con 14 partes.

Alguien ha visto bien el video o de cerca? Mas bien parece que choco pues vean como esta la llanta….

Opiniones? Sera que iba manejando mientras mandaba un mensaje de texto en el celular y se fue mucho para la derecha, paralizando la capital?

FAIL: Buying an MS Surface

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As I mentioned before, if you are from a third world country and not the US you generally are no one, especially for anything related to a credit card. After multiple attempts at (legally) buying a Surface, I give up!

How hard is it to buy a Microsoft Surface? Apparently very… and their support is worse!

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Microsoft is the same as with other companies. If you don’t have a SSN and your credit card is outside of US, you are nobody 🙂

But I contacted MS support and they couldn’t even help me get a hold of my order. They just redirected me to the CR office which has absolutely nothing to do with the Surface.

Sid: I understand that you would like to know the status of your Microsoft Surface order you have ordered from Microsoft Store online. Am I right?
Xavier Morera: Yes
Sid: To seek assistance on this matter, I request you to contact the Microsoft Subsidiary for Costa Rica directly. This Customer Service you have reached is for North America. Please give me couple of minutes as I locate the contact information of the assigned Subisidiary Office for your location.
Sid: Please click here to view the full contact information of the Microsoft Subsidiary assigned for Costa Rica
Sid: Please note that our Support Professionals are only trained to troubleshoot issues with North American versions of our products whereas the Support Professionals at the local Microsoft subsidiaries are trained to troubleshoot issues with localized versions of our software and can assist you in your own language.

Oh, and “my language” can be English too…

And then Sid just closed the chat, didn’t even let me finish asking questions.

Sid: I hope your issue gets resolved soon.
Sid: Thank you for using Microsoft Customer Service Chat. Please feel free to come back again. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Chat session has been terminated by the agent.

At the end got a hold of MS Store, and that is the subject of my next post!

Skype for Windows 8 – and Microsoft keeps making mistakes…

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I wonder if MS’ developers have ever considered the fact of how awful user experience is when someone forces you to do something….

I installed Windows 8 and decided to get Skype. I get asked if I want the desktop version or Windows 8 version. I decided to be bold and go for Windows 8

Turns out I need to merge accounts to be able to use Skype for Windows 8. I DO NOT want to merge accounts as I use them for different purposes.

MS: stop forcing me to do things your way and let me use my accounts MY WAY! Thumbs down for Windows 8