Windows 8 & Windows 8 Mail

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So I installed Windows 8.
– First impression > Love it
– Second impression > Hate it
– Now > I *may* be able to live with it, just like I can live with…. with a little bit of extra effort

It is hard when something is not one thing but is not something else. In this case MS tried to make it such a simple UI for some things that made it unusable. Just a quick example:

Windows Mail is VERY simple, just like my Windows Phone 7. However, it is so simple that basic things like being able to look for an older mail and copy some text into the email that I am currently writing is not possible. Also, I can’t find how to add an attachment.

Both of them may be user errors, or maybe I can’t see them and that is also MS fault. Remember… don’t make me think! There is too much tax on your brain while using Windows 8! That alone could make this a Vista #2