Hello, I am Xavier and I am addicted to my Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge

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Need I say more. It even feels weird, that it reacts so quickly to everything! And I thought I was flying on my Xeon…

Usability issues – learn what NOT to do by going into a public sector phone company site

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I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about usability and good practices on design, and one of my favorites is Pluralsight‘s Creating User Experiences: Fundamental Design Principles from Billy Holis, so now I pay close attention to the sites for which I interact with on a daily basis. (And yes, need to update my blog too…)

I learn from looking at all things done wrong and going into Costa Rica’s public phone company site is the equivalent of a roller coaster ride for a UX exercise. Just a few ones of my favorites

You log in and there is no easy navigation at the top. You have to keep navigating through images with some text. The text is explanatory, but no easy way to navigate

Another one of my favorites, you get sort of used to their navigation way and then find out that a lot of links are in fact NOT links. Look at the “link” in the red box. Not clickable!

Another funny one. I created an account with them, they have my phone, cell phone, electricity and everything. Why do I have to fill in all the fields again when I need to ask for something, complain, request a service or so on and so forth. Yes I know, some bureaucratic knuckle head might think “oh! what if I want to ask for something for someone else?”. Well, when did someone else go stay in line for hours (or so) to get your electricity set up? Unless you are reasonably rich, might not be the case.

Oh well… I shall say no more. I want electricity when I get back home hahahaa

Dropbox vs Google Drive: differences that matter

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I know this is a bit old already, but I hope someone from Google reads my post and they do something about it (I wish).

So let me summarize this, I have:
– 50GB Dropbox account for $9.99 a month
– 100GB Google for $4.99 a month
– 47GB used in my Amazon S3 account ($7.99)
– 25GB Skydrive which is free… but I hate and never use… even for free

No question about it, Dropbox is superior in everything, except price (S3 doesn’t have really a UI, I use CloudBerry Explorer)

Here are my biggest complaints on Google drive:
– It crashed and I had to re log in. Now it doesn’t let me select the same folder and it tells me I need to select an empty folder. Dumb Google Drive… Dropbox lets me select an older Dropbox folder and it automatically checks if files there are newer or older

– So then let’s outsmart Google Drive. Select an empty folder and drop all the files! It worked with the first versions of Dropbox anyway! I was wrong…. Dumb cannot be outsmarted!

Now I have an extra 45 GB of stuff and I hogged the office’s internet connection!

Google: great price, but please pay attention to these two very important details. I am pretty sure the devs that worked on this had a 1 Petabye connection right into the google drive source storage. But regular people don’t….

Annoying design errors in Google Chrome

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There is no questioning on how Chrome is much superior to IE (I never use Safari nor Firefox in Windows/Mac) however I think I found the only thing where I believe Microsoft made a better design decision than Google:

Chrome keeps adding notifications on top, while IE does it at the bottom.

Very annoying Chrome! Given that Chrome *thinks* there are pages I want to translate as well as other actions, I keep having to search for text that keeps moving up and down very annoyingly while browsing.

Very well thought of Microsoft. Someone took a usability lesson once at least!

However, speed is still an issue here. Moving tabs from one browser to another in Chrome is seamless, while in IE it feels very clunky. Something to improve for IE 10 I hope.