How to become Microsoft Certified SharePoint 2010 Developer – 70-576

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So, you want to get certified? I did today and got a 981 out of 1000. I think I missed just one question ūüôā

I used the same modus operandi as when I got my SQL Server 2008 Technology Specialist

Caveat: No specific book but you can get other similar ones from Amazon

Suggestion: Read the measured skills table and determine what you know and what you don’t know

certified sharepoint 2010 developer

Next certification: MS Sharepoint 2010 Developer

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So I am faced with my next challenge, getting certified on SharePoint 2010. I’ve been involved with SharePoint for more than 6 years, actually deploying a site for Microsoft SMSP back in 2006 when I lived in Seattle. ¬†At the time it was just a CTE, then migrated from Tech Refresh to RTM. ¬†Bit of a pain one must say!

Well, so now I going to attack head on this next test

Exam 70-576:

PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications

About this Exam

This exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills on designing developing applications on the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 platform.

All about it can be found here

Funny to mention, this test counts against the Search competency for Microsoft Gold Partner

Racsa es malo o Amnet hace chanchullo?

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Esta semana me pase a full racsa.  Pues apenas lo hice  internet dejo de funcionar casi por completo!!!!  Sirve un par de horas al dia.

Raro dado que es el mismo servicio, por el mismo cable modem de amnet y los vecinos que tienen amnet les funciona perfecto.  Que pasa?! Sera que amnet esta tratando de joder a Racsa o que Racsa no sabe lo que hacen?

De todas formas, no se como crei que Racsa me iba a dar un buen servicio. Esta un poco mas que deficiente….