Money advice during tough times taken from Money Central

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Today I’ve been working on multiple things, most of them computer related.  So, at some point I needed to read about something else.  I clicked onone of the Windows Live Messenger today window’s article and got sucked up into reading plenty of money related articles for times like these.  Very interesting, and a lot of them apply extremely well.  In summary this is what I extracted from them:

– Pay yourself first (also a good advice from Rich Dad, Poor Dad from Robert T. Kiyosaki)

– Pay your necessities first.  Start with rent, food, gas and others.  Prioritize your bills.  

– Use cash as much as possible.  I am one that had a race with the credit card because I loved earning points and then spending those.  That is a stupid move, don’t let the BAC San Jose trick you into it.  It actually worked for me very well when I had to buy everything for the office, now that it is my money I am going to open a debit card with Banco Nacional and make a better work at living on a predefined budget.

– Understand one thing, living on a budget does not mean you have to starve.  It means calculating how much you can really spend and try to live on that.  If you go over it is not a big deal, but organize yourself.

– Live within your means.  I know this is a hard one.  Once you get used to something, it is difficult to let go.  I was addicted to Amazon and I can assure you I have bought so many things that I didn’t need.

– Keeping up with the Joneses.  Why do we always want to have the same or more than other people.  I accept I was a little like that, I loved having more than other people.  In these last couple of years I have been more frugal.  And I have confess that I like it better like this.  Once you learn that not everything is a rat race, you live happier.  It is exactly the same as the phrase eat to live and not live to eat.  Same thing, but just applied to a materialistic lifestyle.  

There are many other advices I could give you from what I read today, but why don’t you just take a few minutes and read some of these:

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This is how I feel when I try to install TFS

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If you ever tried to install TFS, I guess this is how you feel…

Update: I installed it!!! It works!!!!

Installing TFS at home

Installing TFS at home

Maximum number connections exceeded Windows Server Terminal Server

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Does it happen to you that annoying message were you can’t connect again to a server you were connected to in the first place.

Why is Windows so stubborn as not to recognize that you are the person logged in the session that just disconnected and want to reconnect via terminal server.

Try this, it works like a charm
mstsc /v: /admin

It works the same in Windows Server 2003 and 2008

Guitar heroe

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I think I finally got the hang of it 🙂