People that hate Windows Vista

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I am not going to lie. I didn’t fall in love with Windows Vista when I started using it. I got a bit annoyed every single time the UAC kicked in. However, I tweaked it a little bit, got used to it and it works fine.

And then thousands of people started hating Vista. I hear people complaining all day long. And now, I see in my mom’s msn the following message “I HATE WINDOWS VISTA!!!!1”.

Haven’t asked, and I am afraid to do it as it may well become a long explanation on my end of why it didn’t work.

But I will defend Microsoft on this one, it might not be the best product and definitively XP was easier to work with. But all and all, Windows Vista is a decent product.

I installed Windows 7 on the same computer. Can’t say that I feel a huge difference, but works in a decent way. However, can’t find 64 bit drivers for my dell printer….

Jobs and jobs and the ninja crisis

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Another quick rant, my girlfriend pointed out yesterday that I am not grumpy and jumpy anymore.

Piece of advise for anyone out there, if you are currently not too happy with your job, think about doing a transition. A job affects your personal life way more than what you think.

I quit a few months ago, and I was scared because of the crisis, but I hope everything will turn out good 🙂

Well, only time will tell…

PS: If you want to know what is the ninja crisis go to

Definitively an article worth reading!

Display alerts in SharePoint

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Room Service – Sheraton Suites at San Diego

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$4 for a Pepsi. That’s what I call a stimulus for the economy!

Xavier @ San Diego as my messenger would say

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Traveled to San Diego for a couple of days. Its been a while since I traveled to some where other than Seattle.

From my window I can see the Hotel el Cortez, and now I can see the NBC. I like this project with Search Technologies What is it about? If I told you I would have to kill you! hehehehe

Well, going to dinner with John and then maybe I’ll write something useful. For now, the only thing I can tell you is don’t buy the GE Skype phone. It REALLY is crap

Taxi Aeropuerto Costa Rica – Calling a cab in Costa Rica

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I need to be at the SJO airport tomorrow morning at 4 am. So I called a cab today to pick me up early in the morning.

Guess what? You need to call before 9 pm the day before! Shouldn’t an airport taxi service be 24 hours?

Bernard Madoff to jail. Is it really necessary?

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So he is going to jail for the biggest scam in history. Something as little as 50 billion dollars! And going to jail for that. Is that really necessary? He stole millions from the russian mob, dealers and other “don’t mess around with me” people.

Just let him on the loose and see how long he will last hehehehe

If you speak spanish

If you are not familiar with him

@San Diego

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Another trip, opening new doors in my life 🙂

Google Analytics tip: Don’t count yourself in your traffic, create a filter

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One common mistake a lot of people do is they count themselves as traffic to their own site. Don’t! You may visit your own site hundreds of times a week (in an addicted scenario), but remove yourself by creating a filter in Google Analytics as you want real data and you are moving the average by quite a bit.
Create a filter in google analytics by following this instructions:

To find out your ip go to

Best way to create a VPN – Use Hamachi

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I was this close to paying Amnet (one of Costa Rica’s useless ISP) for a public IP to be able to use my nice server which is set up (or in the process of) with a lot of tools that I use for my next enterprise, setting up my own company. We already achieved our first little baby steps milestone. Will it be custom dev? SEO? marketing? a tool? a product? a service? I will tell soon 🙂

Well, let’s go back to the story, I had to have access from anywhere to my files while I am developing (and also my Music – 70 GB don’t fit in an iphone).

So, what is the solution? Use Hamachi. Hamachi is a vpn emulator that’s free for non commercial use and as little as $4 for commercial use.

VPN Evolved
LogMeIn Hamachi: Instant, Zero Configuration VPN

Try it, it works wonderfully. I am listening to my itunes library from across town and logged into my Microsoft Windows 2008 server via terminal server.
Find Hamachi here